About Our Architecture

At Centre Point Group we take our architecture very seriously. Even a simple village hut is built with an innate understanding of social requirements as well as the forces of nature. Traditional architectural practices of the region form the highest priority on buildings that are, above all, not disruptive to the natural surroundings. There is also a focus on using materials such as local pine wood and Cherra stone (from nearby Cherrapunjee), since they are naturally formed to survive local climatic conditions. Centre Point Group Enterprise prides itself on creating landmark buildings that follow these guiding principles and are harmonious blends of tradition and the new age.

The jewel in our crown, Ri Kynjai - Serenity By The Lake, best showcases this harmony and innovation: traditional Khasi building practices lend their beauty and strength to the most modern architectural principles to bring you holiday cottages of memorable beauty with unsurpassable views. Especially noteworthy are the inverted boat-shaped rooftops of the cottages, which are a symbolic derivation of the traditional thatched roof forms of the Cheerapunjee-Mawsynram belt, the worlds heaviest rainfall, ideally suited to withstand the ferocious wind and prolonged rainfall of that belt that characterise Meghalaya. The entire resort has been designed upon the principles of conservation and sustainability.

Our flagship hotel and best known hospitality hub, The Centre Point - Shillong, is a building at the other end of the architectural spectrum that focuses on the updated ideas of modern North-Eastern hospitality. With the best location in town, it has capitalised on its central address by offering multi-cuisine restaurants and hotel rooms, shopping and nightclub entertainment, in one optimised and trendsetting space. Water and other resource conservation efforts mark the hotel’s dedication to environmental needs.

In a throwback to the design sensibilities of the 1920s, Royal Heritage Tripura Castle is housed in a portion of the Shillong residence of the Maharaja of Tripura. The rooms of the erstwhile Castle Annexe have been discreetly updated with locally available materials to ensure a luxurious stay for you while keeping authentic the grandeur and glory of the state of Tripura, North East India’s surviving line of kings. Working fireplaces and British era add the finishing touches to your memorable Royal Heritage experience.

Café Shillong Bed and Breakfast offers you affordable accommodation in the ‘Assam-style’ bungalows that once defined cosmopolitan Shillong. The gracious beauty and airy comfort of this Raj-era building have been carefully preserved. Special attention has been paid to the fine garden – a reminder of the enthusiastic gardeners of the erstwhile Empire – that beckons residents outside on fine evenings.

Both Café Shillong Bed and Breakfast and Royal Heritage Tripura Castle are enhanced by the nearby presence of Café Shillong outlets, the trendy yet authentically local cafés that have come to define coffee culture in the state capital today.